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Attitude of Girls: When a Boy Sends a Dirty SMS She Laughs 4r 5 Minutes, 4rwards that to Her Friends(Girls)Then Replies to the Boy.. “Eww, I don’t like such stuff, I’m not that kind of girl”

Me: “Why am I still single?” Brain: “You are weird as shit.” Body: “nd U’re fat.” Face: “Plus U’re ugly.” Food: “But I’m here 4r you.”

A Really Well Said Message– ”Sometimes yew Have 2 Shut Up, Swallow Ur Pride Accept That yew’re Wrong.. It’s Not Giving Up, It’s Called Gr0wing Up

Awesome Lines Forever: I am Glad I am An Average Looking, Because Then I Know Some1 Luves Me 4r Me, Not As A Trophy They Can Show Off

Rock-On Attitude Quote: . . . . . Do yew Like Me As I’m? Or Should I Pray GOD to Improve yOur Taste..?

Whats Winning Attitude? 3 Antx Saw An Elephant Coming. 1.Ant, We Will Kill Him.. 2.Ant, We Will Break His Legs 3.Ant, Forgive Him Guys, He Is Alone & We’re 3..!

Some People Say Never 4rget Me, Some People Say Alwayx Remember Me, But I Love My Attitude, So I Will Say 4rget Me If You Can..!

Attitude SMS in English Love me? Great Hate me? Even better Think I’m ugly? Don’t look at me Dont know me? Don’t judge me Think yew know me? Yew have no idea.