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Best Relationships Needs No Promises No Demands N No Expectations It just Needs 2 people 1 Fool Like U & 1 Cool Like Me…;-p

Kitna Sohna Tenu Rab nay banaya. Wah Wah.. Kitna Sohna Tenu Rab nay banaya.. . . Mene Tenu 8 Din pehle “APRIL FOOL” Banaya.. 😉

Story Of Love – April Fool SMS . Friend 1: Tu Ny Usay Dekha. Friend 2: Us Ny Tujhy Dekha. Friend 3: Tu Ny Himmat Ker K Kaha “I love u”. Kuch Arsay Baad Us Nay Tujhy Kaha “I love…

April Fool Funny Messages Santa banta say: APRIL FOOL manaya? Banta: Han! Santa:kiss ke sath? Banta:Bv ke saath! Maine usko 3 bar talaq diya jab woh rone laga to Hum bola APRIL FOOL, APRIL FOOL..!

April Fool Messages For Girls We have known each other 4r quite a while now, do yew think we can be more than juxt frnds? coz i like yew verry much. i need some1 beside me, will u b my…

Latest April Fool SMS 2017 ur style so sweet ur smile so sweet ur voice so sweet ur eyes so sweet ur whole life so sweet!! In short; you’re a sweetheart . . Hey, look . I can lie so sweet…

Latest April Fool SMS Yew are a BITCH Beautiful Intelligent Talented Cute Hilarious are yew smiling now? . . ? *YOU’RE REALLY BITCH*

Funny April Fool SMS Some1.. MiSSES yew.. NeeDS yew.. Worries About yew Lonely Without yew Guess Who? THE MONKEY IN … THE ZOO ..

April Fool Messages for Whatsapp I am ur girlfriend: Smart. Intelligent. Sweet. Talented. Excllent. Romantic. theek kaha na ? In short I am ur S.I.S.T.E.R. :p Happy april fools day