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Angry Poetry in English A Moment of tolerance in a minute of outrage spares a thousand snapshots of disappointment.

Cute Relationship, When Someone Gets Angry With Yew, nd Says, I’ll Never Talk To Yew nd Later Comes Back To Inform, Yew, I AM STILL ANGRY,

Doctor implants a New Ear to a man. Man: u idiot, u gave me a woman’s ear Doctor: It makes no difference Man: It does,Now I hear everything but understand nothing.

Aap ke haath mein Mobile hai, chehray pe khoob Smile hai, Messages ki achi khasi File hai, phir bhi sms nahi karte ho, Ye kon sa STYle hai

Rotthay jo Zindagi Toh Mana Lain Gay Hum, Milay Jo Gum Too Nibha Lain Gay Hum, Bus Wo Rahe Saath Hamare Sada, Gerte Ansoun Mein Bhi Muskara Lain Gay Hum.