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The Best Antivirus Program 4r A Computer Iz SAVE-SEX Leave The Plastic Cover On The Floppy When Inserting In Drive.

This message was sent .. exclusively 4r the handsome… . nd the beautiful… . We have obviously sent… . it to the wrong number… . We are truly sorry .. . 4r the inconvenience.

I Don’t Love I Don’t Care I Just Married A Millionair Nd If He Dies I Don’t Cry I Just Fuck Another Guy

Absurd Messages 2017 Hello I’m A Virus and i am entering you brain right now Sorry i am leaving Cz there’s no brain inside

Funny Absurd SMS Are you Feeling Stoned, Are You Feeling High, Get A Duck & try to fly 🙂

Absurd SMS in Hindi Larka Larki Sahil-e-Sumandar Se Wapis A Rahe thay Larka: Tum Apni Ammi ko toh Nahi batao gi Na Hamare Picnic k Bare Mai Larki: O Nahi tum Fikar Mat karo, Mere Shohar hi hai Jis ko…

Absurd SMS in Urdu Pehli Bar Larki ke sath Date Pe Gaya Wapsi Pe Pocha k tum Apni Ammi ko toh Nahi Batao gi Hamare Baray mai? Jawab Mila, O tum Fikar Na Karo, Mere Shohar Ko hi adat hai…

Latest Absurd SMS Boy: Will you Work After Marriage? Girl: No if you’re Willing to for my gucci and prado

Absurd SMS 2017 I Ask My Mom Mummy Can i wear a Bra Now? I am 17. Mummy: Shut Up Albert How Unfair Man.