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A simple SALAM Can Be So Sweet S: Sada Khush Raho A: Abaad Rah0 L: La-Zawal Uro0j Dekh0 A: Arzuain Puri H0N M: Mujhe Dua Main Yaad Rakhna So SALAM to ALL.

What Is The True Meaning Of ‘Study’ ??? . . . . . . . . . S. Sleeping T. Talking U. Unlimited Tafreh D. Dreaming Y. Yawning

Don’t get confused, Aray Baba SORRY Means: S-> Some, O-> One Is, R-> Really, R-> Remembering Y-> You. Have A wonderful day.

Thank you T-here’s richness in a love for life H-ere among the valentines, A-king and queen as man and wife: N-ot leaning towards what lust inclines; K-nowing well the needs of state. Y-on regal grace alone attends, O-n which the…

Papa- Beti 12th K Bad Kya Karogi?? Beti- B.B.A Karungi!! Papa- What Is Bba.? Beti- Boyfriend Ki Bike Par Aish

Abbreviation Sms in Urdu 2017 F R I D A Y: F = Farz Allah Ka Aada Karo R = Rab Ko Razi Karo I = Ibadat Dil Se Karo D = Durood Kasrat Se Parho A = Allah Se…

Follow the FACTS to be Happy F orget the past. A ccept your mistakes. C ry and move on. T hank God. S mile always

Abbreviation Sms in English 2017 c/C means cup T/tsp means teaspoon T/tbsp/tbs means tablespoon D/dstsp means dessertspoon pkt means packet

Abbreviation Sms in Urdu MUHABBAT  Means M=Manzil U=Umeed H=Hasraten A=Aarzoo B=Bandagi B=Becheni A=Aashqie T=Taqdeer Or “NASEEB” Walo Ko Milti Hai Ye MOHABBAT…!!!

Abbreviation Sms 2017 in English Full Form of “DAIRY MILK” D-Darling, A-Always, I-I, R-Remember, Y-You, M-Meet, I-Immediatly, L-For Long, K-kiss.