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2 Lines Poetry Shayari in Urdu Meri Dhadkan Ki Bandish Pay Zaamane K Maseeha Nay, Mohabbat Ko Toh Gham Likha Tujhe Oski “Dawa” Likha

Today We Are Miles Apart but I wanna reach across the miles nd say I’m thinking of yew in a very special way. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

Once We Hit Forty, Women Only Have About 4 Taste Buds Left: 1. Vodka, 2. Wine, 3. Cheese, And One For Chocolate.

Latest April Fool SMS Yew are a BITCH Beautiful Intelligent Talented Cute Hilarious are yew smiling now? . . ? *YOU’RE REALLY BITCH*

If you want something you never had, do something you have never done. Don’t go the way life takes you, Take the life the way yew go. AND remember yew’re born to live and not living because yew’re born!!! Good…

Bahut dushwar hota hai kisi ko youn bhoola dena K jab wo jazab ho jaye ragon mein khoon ki manind

Aansoo SMS in Urdu Kis tarha bardasht karun, In tootay khuwaboo k nuksan ko, In ankhoo mai par gay hain ansoo k nishan